However, TrailPix DSLR Solo and TrailPix Point and Shoot Duo are now available on Amazon PRIME.*****

An elegant way to capture more of your memories in the great outdoors

TrailPix uses your trekking, ski, or tent poles to form a DSLR-capable tripod.  

TrailPix DSLR Solo and TrailPix Point and Shoot Duo are now available on Amazon PRIME.*****

 “... TrailPix is an exquisitely made pocket-sized solution that cleverly leverages trekking poles that I already carry. This is a must have piece of gear for every backpacker that carries a camera...."  Brian Green, Founder of Brian's Backpacking Blog

“I've tried various tripods for outdoor use and generally what it boils down to is that they're either functionally useless or too heavy to bother carrying, so ultimately they simply don't get used. TrailPix seems a clever solution to the problem. I can't wait to give it a go" Jon Doran, Site Editor, Outdoor Magic 

"I am surprised how light they are!...  I cannot wait to try the TrailPix, I see it easily having a permanent place in my hiking bag.” Josh McNair, OP

"I like that he has created something that is simple, and relies on other gear that I already have..."  Chad Poindexter, Stick's Blog



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General Update

May 19, 2016

I haven't written anything in a while and wanted to provide a quick update - I've taken over shipping from my fulfillment center and am now doing it out of my home. Giving the kids a chance to demonstrate responsibility (with my supervision of course) and it's fun to personally see where on the globe TrailPix is going! So, all is well, TrailPix continues to sell well and I'm preparing to make another TrailPix order to replenish stock.  My return rate is hovering around (only!) 0.5%, and I get very positive feedback, so order with confidence! Regards, Andy Stough President, NV8 Design Continue Reading →

Free US shipping / $20 shipping nearly everywhere

November 04, 2014

Trail Pix has been selling steadily, and I am trying out a new promotion for shipping costs. Couldn't be much simpler - Free shipping on all US orders, and a $20 flat rate to pretty much everywhere else.  This should make ordering easier, and give you a clear idea of what everything will cost up front.  Hope you enjoy Trail Pix! Continue Reading →